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Our team is constantly striving for your concern and the service to our products. In order to ensure a smooth process, it is necessary to have all data available for the request. We ask for your understanding that incomplete inquiries lead to further inquiries and thus unnecessarily delay the process.
z.B. Aistinger Straße 2
z.B. 4311
z.B. Schwertberg
Für telefonische Rückfragen und Avisierung von Lieferungen geben Sie bitte Ihre Telefonnummer mit Vorwahl +43 (664) 12345678 an:
You can upload your evidence photos. The maximum file size of all images must not exceed 10 MB.
    You will find the article number on the packaging, instruction or warranty card of your purchased product.
    Upload a photo of the product here if you are not sure if the item number given is correct.
    The entry of the retailer name, postcode and city must match the proof of purchase!
    Das Kaufdatum muss mit dem Rechnungs- bzw. Kaufbeleg übereinstimmen!
    The input of the receipt (invoice) number must agree with the purchase receipt!
    The following formats are allowed:*.JPG, *.PDF and *.PNGmax. file size: 10 MB