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Error Code E91 - Knowledgebase / Informationen rund um die Poolwelt / Salzwassersysteme - Steinbach Helpdesk

Error Code E91

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Check the titanium and eco electrode for dirt and deposits (lime, salt), clean them by placing the cells in vinegar water. The memory cells are a wearing part, which can be replaced regularly.

How do I do that:

  1. Disconnect cell and unscrew
  2. Place the complete plastic part including the inner cells in vinegar for several hours
  3. Rinse with clear water and install again

    Check the flow sensor for contamination or deposits and clean it. Insert the sensor firmly into the flow sensor socket.

Use salinity test strips to check the value of the water.

Add sufficient salt according to instructions in the basin. The salt generators of the last years needed approx. 3 kg / m³ water salt, this corresponds to 3000 ppm.
The saltwater system requires a uniform salt concentration throughout the pool water. Therefore, there must be sufficient circulation and dissolution of the salt before the unit is turned on.