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The clamping ring can not be closed properly. - Knowledgebase / Informationen rund um die Poolwelt / Sandfilteranlage - Steinbach Helpdesk

The clamping ring can not be closed properly.

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Close the tension ring best with the help of a second person. As an aid, a screw clamp can be used.

The clamping ring must be tapped over the frame of the valve lid and vessel.

If the palm of the hand is not strong enough, a rubber mallet may be used.

Begin by knocking on the back of the bolt and hit evenly on the right and left on the clamping ring until the ribbed pattern disappears.
Then the clamping ring can also be easily closed with the screw connection.

Closing requires a bit of force and needs to be slightly stronger, as the vessel develops pressure and must seal 100% when in use.

Please never use an ordinary hammer. Damage caused by this is not covered by warranty.