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The vessel is leaking. Checking the seal (O-ring). - Knowledgebase / Informationen rund um die Poolwelt / Sandfilteranlage - Steinbach Helpdesk

The vessel is leaking. Checking the seal (O-ring).

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Possibility Number 1:

Insert the seal correctly on the vessel. If it is not placed with the nose in the groove of the vessel, the 7-way-valve does not close properly and there is a higher distance between 7-way-valve and vessel.

The partition in the area of sand and pure water chamber is not correctly inserted in the sieve bottom. Then the 7-way-valve is also too high.

Make sure that the seal at the top of the vessel is in a clean and flawless condition and that there is no sand on it.

You can cover the O-ring with Vaseline, which is used to preserve the O-ring and additionally supports the sealing.

Possibility Number 2: 

Your vessel is leaking, have you fitted the 7-way-valve correctly with the notch on the underside of the lid and the notch on the filter?

It is best to add the 7-way-valve to the filter vessel with the help of a second person.

Press the lid onto the filter vessel, making sure that the lid closes with the vessel.